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As a service to breeders and a service to baby bird shoppers, here is the green cheek conure breeder listing.  If you breed green cheeks or any other type of Pyrrhura conure, feel free to fill out the new addition form!  If you're looking to buy a baby, go ahead and browse the listings.  Just for clarification, however, I include everyone who asks to be included in the listings: I'm not otherwise associated with the breeders listed, and in no way do I guarantee their birds!  Well, with the single exception of my aviary and my green cheeks, of course!
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(entries without a "date added" entry were added to the database before March, 1999)


Name: Pam Short
Location: Lake Havasu, AZ
Phone: (520) 453-5131
Comments: Occasionally have handfed weaned babies. All come with a hatch certificate and and an info packet.


Name: Michelle Bauguess / Fostered Feathers Aviaries
Location: Paso Robles, CA, 93446
Phone: (805) 238-3006 (M-F 9:00-5:00)
Comments: I raise Green Cheeks and Yellow Sided Conures.  I also have Painted, Black Caps, Suance conures.

Name: Dave and Suzi Eslick
Location: Palmdale, CA
Phone: (805) 947-1588
Email: or
Comments: We are so far, successful with our first clutch of green cheek babies. We have 2 pairs, both laid this spring, only one fertile clutch.

Name: Steve
Location: Long Beach, California
Phone: (562) 429-1892
Comments: I raise several new colors of green cheeks and have a few photos on my web site.

Name: Scott & Charise at S & C Parrotdise
Location: Visalia, California
Phone: 559-627-6132
Comments: We breed normal, cinnamon, and double splits which are split to yellow side and cinnamon. Prices start at 125.00. We will ship.
Date added: 12-30-01


Name: White Pines Aviary / Kate and Lynn
Location: Newark, Delaware
Phone: (302)369-1873
Comments: We have been breeding birds for 20 years and are currently specializing in Parrotlets, Peach-faced lovebirds, Senegals, Red-bellies, and the quiet Conures.  We have the Black caps, Maroon Bellies and Green cheeks.  At this time there are 3 baby Green Cheeks being hand-fed whose parents are split to yellow-sided.  We are asking $150 each.  They close banded and come with hatch certificates, a supply of food and are guaranteed to be healthy.
Date added: 3-11-01


Name: Cindy Drinkwater
Location: Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Phone: (561) 622-9486
Comments: I raise a few Green Cheeks as a hobby and give them lots of love.  I have babies ready to go now but I don't like to ship them.
Date updated: 11-30-01


Name: Dave Olson
Location: Oak Forest, Illinois
Phone: (708)687-8562
Comments: I breed normals, Fallows, Yellow Sideds, and Limes.  Pairs and spares as well as babies normally available.  I also breed Painteds and White Ears.
Date added: 4-28-99


Name: Linda Weirich
Location: Marion, Indiana
Comments: I breed Fallows, Split to Fallows, and Yellowsided. Next year I will be breeding Cinnamon Yellowsided. I band them and handfeed, They are weaned to veggies, fruit, pellets, some seed, and people food.
I also breed mutation Parrotlets, normal green, Lucida's, Tiels, Lovebirds, Quakers, and Brown Throat Conures.
Date added: 3-11-01


Name: Yvonne
Location: Louisville, Ky
Comments: I am now handfeeding 4 Greencheek babies that are adorable.
Date added: 3-21-01


Name: SunShine Aviary
Location: Mass.
Comments: I am a small aviary in Mass.   ship via Continental or will meet part of the way.  Accept Cash/MO/Paypal   Have references upon request and pictures.
Date added: 1-25-02


Name: Lara deVries / DragonFeathers Aviary
Location: Adrian, Michigan
Phone: 517-266-9876
Comments: Home-raised, spoon-fed sweethearts available on a limited basis.  To good homes only!
Date updated: 1-28-02

Name: Susan
Location: Mid-thumb of Michigan
Comments: I have normal Green Cheeks and Painted Conures.  Babies and occasionally unrelated pairs are available of each.  Painteds have to be the sweetest birds I have ever seen.  The babies are hand-fed, banded and well socialized with lots of personality and on a great, high quality diet.  I will not ship, but may meet within a few hours of driving time.
Date added: 3-22-01


Name: Julie Burge, DVM / Burge Bird Services 
8904 E 350 Hwy. 
Raytown, MO 64133
Phone: 816-356-4700
Comments: We also breed a variety of Conure and Amazon species as well as African Grey Parrots.  As an avian veterinarian, I am happy to guarantee the health of all my babies.
Date added: 6-19-01


Name: Gary Baker
Location: 2607 Oak Ridge Rd Oak Ridge NC 27310
Phone: ph 336-643-5274 to 9:30 pm eastern Evenings best.
Comments: I have been breeding different birds from 45 years ago. I like the Greencheeks most for their call, gentleness and mine are prolific. I only raise the normals. I like the blues. I have young pairs for $250 and Proven $300 layed six first clutch and produced six. I ship Air cargo from Greensboro NC. I am not a large GC breeder, I just like them. I am in North Central NC


Name: Brenda Dietz
Location: Fargo, ND
Phone: (701)293-7629
Comments: Have one breeder pair whom usually have three healthy clutches per year.  Will deliver within 100 mile radius.  Asking $140 for hand-fed babies; Only sell at 70 days of age.
Date added: 11-22-01


Name: Sue Burton
Location: NW Ohio - Toledo area
Phone: (419) 337-8871
Comments: I have both personal and vet references upon request and offer only handfed, weaned babies for loving homes.  All my babies come with:
~ close banded
~ sweet and handfed
~ baby pictures
~ hatch certificate
~ a written 8-day health guarantee

Name: Helen Coletts / EggCellent Bird Aviary
Location: 3307 Broadwell Avenue, Cincinnati, OH, 45211
Phone: (513) 481-4191
Comments: I offer beautiful handfed little babies that are the apple of my eye.  I can't say enough about them.  I am also currently breeding suns and dusky heads as well.


Name: Miranda, PeeWee's Playpen
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Phone: (918) 742-2358
Comments: I breed greencheek conures.  All babies are handfed and socialized to interact with people, and play with lots of toys on a playpen.  All are abundance weaned to a great variety of fresh veggies, cooked multi-grains, pellets, and seeds.  We do NOT ship, but regularly travel to many regional bird fairs, and can bring babies to perspective owners at the fair.
Date added: 3-11-01


Name: Jacki
Location: St. Clair, PA
Phone: upon request
Comments: I raise several different types of Pyrrhuras
Normal greencheeks, fallows, yellowsided, painteds, pearlies, blkcaps and soon to be adding the vorens strain of blkcap and white-ears.  I do have babies available now please feel free to email me....I also can make young un-related pairs of grcks, blkcaps, yellowsided, fallows....
Date added: 3-12-01

Name: Terrie / T-BIRDS
Location: Birdsboro, PA.
Phone: 610-582-2517
Comments: You've seen the rest, Now try the best.  We carry and specialize in conures.  We breed Green Cheek, Suns, Mitreds, Blue Crowns, and many more.  We Guarantee our babies, plus take the time to make them what you want.  If your interested in becoming a conure owner call to see what is hatching daily.  We also have Macaws to finches.
Date added: 3-21-01


Name: Rhonda Boerner
Location: Mountain Home, Texas
Comments: I occasionally have green cheek conure babies.  All are hand fed and ready to be loved.  Please e-mail for availability and prices.

Name: Rockport Roost / Deryl and Elke Davis
Location: Rockport, TX (Corpus Christi area)
Phone: (512) 729-6745
Comments: We raise normal Green Cheek conures and Fallows, also Painted conures.  Our babies are tame and handfed, also have on occasion breeder birds available, proven or young breeder pair. We do ship.  Please email for our  reasonable prices.

Name: Cele Birds / Dennie & Jack Saul, Owners
Location: Austin, TX
Phone: 512-251-3941
Comments: Raise Green Cheek Conures-$125 each and Fallow Green Cheek Conures-$200 each.  Raise three clutches of each a year.  Will have green cheeks available in May 2001.  Will have a pair of Black Cap Conures in 2001 set up for breeding.
Date added: 3-11-0

Name: Feathers with an Attitude / Madelen Powell & Ron Landis
Location: Liberty Hill, TX (Austin Area)
Phone: (512) 515 - 6420
Comments: Specializing in Pyrrhura Conure's including Normal Greencheeks, Cinnamon's and Yellowsided.  Also have Pineapples.  Other species include, White-eared, Painted, and Crimson Bellies.  All babies are hand raised and socialized.  All will respond to 'Up Up'.  Will ship singles
or young unrelated pairs.  Should have babies available July 2001. 
Date added: 6-9-01


Name: Michele Count 
Location: Va. Beach, Va. 
Comments: Green Cheek Conures only.  Available three times a year, usually around May, August, and Nov.  Hand fed after three weeks until weened.  Price is $200.00 each, firm.  Not willing to ship.
Date added: 9-25-01


Name: Robyn Heimsath
Location: Aberdeen, Washington
Comments: I breed Maroonbelly Conures,and while I will consider trades,especially for Greencheek and White eared Conures,I won't ship.
Date added: 4-4-01

Name: Dragon Aviaries & Ceramics/Dee Kelly & Lorene Roman
Location: Grays Harbor, Washington
Comments: We raise Greencheeks Conures, and are interested in more Pyrrhura Conures.  We would be interested in trading some of our other birds for more Pyrrhura Conures.  We also raise other birds and are trying to start our business, we will be selling bird food and products.  We also make and sell ceramics, greenware, bisqueware, and painted items.  I we not ship any of our birds or ceramics at this time, but maybe in the future we will be able to.  Will meet halfway between OR or WA Sate to do trades on the birds.
Date added: 4-19-01

Name: Alicia & Brian Kennemer, Sunnyside Aviary
Location: Marysville, WA
Website: Http://
Comments: We raise many types of the Pyhurra conures including Maroon Bellies, Souance, Black Caps, Yellowsided and Fallow Green Cheeks. Other birds raised include several varieties of lovebirds such as orange face and violets. Our babies are spoon fed and given lots of attention and socialization. Often have babies available so see our website for current information.
Date added: 6-9-01


Name: brett williams / CONURES R US
Location: brisbane, australia
Comments: we breed normal,cinnamon and what we think will be termed pied.maroon bellies,black tailed ,pied and normal suns,jandays,cinnamon and normal nandays and peachfronted conures oh and a few amazons and black cockatoos.
Date added: 11-13-01


Name: Gerri at Safe-Haven Aviary
Location: Mission, BC, Canada
Phone: (604) 820-8795
Comments: Babies usually available Oct.-May, normals only.


Name: Les Waring
Location: United Kingdom
Website: Pyrrhura's U.K.
Comments: Breeder of m.molinae, m.restricta, m.australis sub-species of the green cheeked conure, hand reared & parent reared often available. Other pyrrhura's available.
Added: 3-24-01

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