The Green Cheek Conure Homepage
Introduction & News.
Welcome to the Green Cheek Conure Home Page!  We began in 1997 when I couldn't find a good source of information on these popular little birds.  We've since grown by leaps and bounds, with several major overhauls and site moves.
Let me pause here and thank the many many people who have contributed to this page - especially, to the many of you who have contributed indirectly by adding to my knowledge of these birds by telling me about your green cheeks and asking me questions!

As a final note, I would like to say that green cheeks aren't the only Pyrrhuras out there.  I am also a big fan of the other Pyrrhuras: maroon bellies, black caps, painteds, souances and more.  Almost all of the information on this site is quite applicable to these species as well.  If I was starting this page now, I'd probably call it the Pyrrhura Conure Home Page!


4/21/01 - Added Alberto & Obie to the Pets Page.  They are maroon bellies, not green cheeks, but hey, we like maroon bellies too, right?  Now that we're expanding our diversity a bit, I should think about putting up a page for my black capped pair!

4/3/01 - Added my two pairs, Scooter & Peanut and Paul & Polly, to the Pets Page.  I have also added many new breeders to the Breeders Page this past month.

3/10/01 - Whoa, check out the new site design!  Talk about redoing things!  I haven't updated in a loooong time (more than a year), so I thought I'd do something major.  I edited the FAQ, re-wrote the old articles, added some new ones, added a working message board, re-did the pets pages, updated the links list and just generally fixed things as I went along.  I hope everybody likes the "new" site!

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