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General Bird Sites:
 Birds N Ways
lots of links, articles, breeders, more...
 Up At Six
FAQs, articles, chats, classifieds, more...
 Big Bird World
great bird search engine!  and more...
 The Parrot Pages
lots of links, info, forum, more...
articles, Q&A boards, lots of links, more...

General Conure Sites:
 Conures - You Gotta Love 'Em!
great conure information & links!
 Lexicon of Parrots: Conures
every conure species in existence, w/ photos
 Species - Conures
conure links, off of

Conure Organizations:
 International Conure Association
 Pyrrhurra Breeders Association

 Conures Mailing List
lots of friendly people on this one!
 Green Cheek Conures Mailing List
small but friendly list for green cheek owners
 Pyrrhura Conures Mailing List
for Pyrrhura owners and breeders
 Conure Chat
Up At Six's conure message board

Pyrrhura Sites:
 Pokie's Painted Pages
nice-looking page with info on all the Pyrrhuras
 Pyrrhura Conures as House Pets
great site from the UK with lots of info
 Maroon Bellied Conure FAQ
some good info on maroon bellies

Green Cheek Sites:
 The Green Cheek Conure Page
quick green cheek fact page
 Green Cheeks
info page from Rockport Roost
 Riley's Page
includes Riley's self-description which is very informative! :-)
 Petrie's Web Site
info on green cheeks and conrues in general
 Green Cheek Conure
from Petsmart's breed guide
 Greencheek Conure
from Benden Weyr's site
 Green-cheeked Conure
from Animal World's site

Pet Green Cheeks:
 Punkin | Riley | Smudge
 Hector | Athena | Ally
 Bobby | Chester | Kelly
 Pidge | Obediah Japheth
 Bandit | Tiki | Blackie
 Teeny & Tiny | Shorty

Other Pet Pyrrhuras:
 Jester (Maroon Belly)
 Pokie (Painted)
 Ewa (Maroon Belly)
 Carson (Maroon Belly)

Pyrrhura Breeders:
 Rockport Roost (TX)
several Pyrrhuras, and lots of info on their site! 
 The Feather Tree (CA)
several Pyrrhuras, and some lovely photos of mutation green cheeks!
 Outback Aviaries
the only breeder of blue green cheeks that I'm currently aware of... and they have photos!
 White Pines Aviary
 Bowman's Birds of Paradise (CA)
 Benden Weyr Aviaries (MI)
 Aves International
raises Painted conures
 Andean Aviaries (Canada)
 Scott Aviaries (NY)
 Ronald Edward's Bird Garden (CA)
maroon bellies, green cheeks and mutations
 DragonFeathers Aviary
my home-based aviary located in Michigan


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