The Green Cheek Conure Homepage

Bandit I got Bandit when he was 10 weeks old.  He was my first bird and so I spent tons of time planning for him.  He is going on 2 in March, and I feel like i just brought him home yesterday.  When I first got him- it was rough- in the first week I had to take him to the vet to have his little toe splinted (it was broken).  About month later- it was back to the vet ( he had climbed on my rat cage and got bit through his joint in the other foot). No injuries since then though luckily!!
Bandit can talk a little- his clearest saying being "I love you", but he also says "Baby", "what", "up", and if he really wants to have an attitude.."no".  He does well with changes in location ( i have moved probably 5 or 6 times in the past year)  and never once has he been discontent or upsetted by his change of surroundings.  He likes to also go with me on my 5 hour car drives to LA where in the daytime- he sits on top of his cage and watchs the view or, if it is at night- crawl under my hair and fall asleep.
He is the best little bird, and because of him- I will be getting another bird at the end of this month. I love my baby. I hope everyone else gets who has a green cheek has such great experiences as mine!!!
            Thank you - Samantha McPherren

Photos and text by Samantha McPherren.  Submitted in 1998.