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Scooter & Peanut

Peanut sitting on her eggs
Scooter & Peanut are what started this whole webpage!  I bought them in 1996.  They were my first breeding pair of birds.  Unfortunately, they're not such a nice pair!  They often crack their eggs, so I usually incubate them or foster them to other birds.  They will also kill their babies, so I have to hand-feed them from hatching (not much fun!).  Scooter also plucks Peanut when they're breeding, which you can see in the photo above.  They are very shy and hide in their nestbox whenever I walk in the bird room.  But, for a long time they were housed in my bedroom so I got to know them quite well.  They have very endearing personalities!  Scooter is the more aggressive of the two, although actually Peanut is braver around me.  Niether likes toys but they will chew on their perches, and they fly a lot around the cage.  They're both adorable and beautiful birds, not a feather out of place, except when Peanut's head is plucked while they're nesting.