The Green Cheek Conure Homepage
Sly Sly is a great pet!!

She dances to 80s music and Will Smith. She laughs when we laugh and with TV sitcoms. She can say "Pretty bird", "Thank you", "Bessito" (kiss in Spanish), and "go poo-poo, Sly". She wakes me up in the morning to take her out, then she crawls under covers with me to go to sleep.

She eats ANYTHING!!!! Coke, ice cream, meat, chicken, fish, salad. She figures that if we eat it, then it MUST be good. Right now she is trying to get my attention away from the keyboard!

She also likes to lay on her back in my hand and go to sleep. She used to be a lot nicer, but now she has decided that she doesn't like men! I swear she didn't get that from me!

Sly enjoys sunning herself
after a bath; however, she
will tolerate being blown
dry by a hair dryer.
Sly spends a lot of time
hanging around on her toys.

Photos and text by Claudia Aleman.  Submitted in 1998.