The Green Cheek Conure Homepage

Zuki is just now a year old (as of March '01) and my experiences with him have been just wonderful. He's bit nippy and a little bit noisey, but hey, what else would you expect?? Zuki is the definition of velcro. Where ever I go, he must go. He can also be loving and sweet, and he loves to get attention. Zuki can dance. He figured it out last Christmas when a holiday song came on the radio that he liked. Since then, he's been non-stop. All you have to do is replace the words of a song with his name (did I mention he loves hearing his name?) and he'll bob his head, twirl around, and chirp for you. He's also learning to talk. He mainly says his name "Zuki," but he's learned to play around with it a bit and also says "Zuki up" and "Zuki bird."
Zuki also has a personality not meant for every bird owner. When I bought him, I was mislead into thinking green cheeks were quiet and shy. Big mistake! Zuki is far from being shy! He must have his daily dose of adventure, or else he becomes extremely cranky! He's also has to know everything that's going on, and he likes to bother the other birds. As far as being quiet, he's not as loud as a cockatiel, but he tries to make as much noise as possible.  Of course, having a sun conure in the house doesn't help much either. His favorite game is to screech when someone's talking. He'll stop when you stop, and start when you start. He usually does it when he feels the situation has become tense and everyone needs to lighten up a bit. He's also perfected a whine (like a puppy dog) that is so pathetic that you just can't help but go pick him up.
Overall, Zuki is a beautiful bird with a wonderful personality, and I hope he stays with me for a long time to come. We're very attached to one another, and I don't think either one of us could ever deal with being apart.

Photos and text by Erin Green.  Submitted in March 2001.